Walkabout Australian Emu Oil ~ Liquid


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Walkabout Australian Emu Oil 

For Internal or Topical Use ~ 4 oz ~ Serving Size: 1 or 2mL ~ Servings per Container 60 – 120

Now you can get the same pure emu oil found in Walkabout’s capsules in a convenient liquid form, with 20% more servings than the bottle of capsules. This Australian emu oil can be taken internally or used topically, so there’s no need for multiple bottles.

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A hairy cow looking over a fence at an Emu with the words "Walkabout Emu Oil has 5 x more Vitamin K Than high Vitamin Butter Oil!".

What is Emu Oil

Walkabout Australian Emu Oil is different from any other traditional supplement oil on the market. At certain times of the year, emu will go into a torpor, sort of like a hibernation. They will go months without eating or even moving. They store up fat prior to this torpor in order to live through the time without food. The emu oil used by the Aboribinals and harvested by Walkabout is this life-sustaining fat. It is super nutritious and loaded with vitamins.

Traditional Emu Oil Use

Fats from emus have been used for centuries in Australia by Aboriginals and other cultures following traditional diets. These essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins are what Dr. Weston Price considered to be critical components to good health. He called them sacred foods. Those cultures who followed traditional diets experienced excellent health, while those who had switched to more Westernized diets had much higher incidences of disease and tooth decay. The healthy people following traditional diets consumed more than 10 times the fat-soluble “activators” (vitamins and nutrients found only in animal fats) as those who followed Western diets. These activators are essential to properly absorbing all the other nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins our bodies need.

Walkabout Australian Emu Oil is an excellent source of:

  • Essential fatty acids: omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9

  • Vitamin K2 MK-4, Dr. Weston A. Price’s “Activator X”

  • Vitamin D3

  • Vitamin E

  • CLA - conjugated linoleic acid

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement for adults with average health, 1ml three times per day with or after meals.

For adults with an issue that needs resolving, 2ml three times per day with or after meals.

As a dietary supplement for children with average health, 1/2ml twice daily with or after meals.

For children with an issue that needs resolving, 1ml twice daily with or after meals.


100% pure, high-quality emu oil -- nothing added or removed!

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Other Details

120 ml
Serving Size:
2 ml
Servings per Container:
Amount per Serving:
see picture of product label for detailed information

Product Reviews

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  • I prefer the capsules. 2

    I ordered the jar. Of course it’s a thick oil so to ME not very palatable.

    Victoria Rose on Dec 27, 2017

  • Great oil full of vitamins! 5

    I was looking for a X factor replacement of Rosita's extra virgin butter oil - which was discontinued.. Upon contacting Nourishing World I was recommended this emu oil.. Did some research and it looked that it is a good quality product. A little bit hesitant (since it's a new product for me) - I placed the order... Now I know that this is a great product!
    - kids actually prefer the mild taste over the butter oil
    - mixes well with cod liver oil
    - lasted for a long time
    but the most important - contains all the needed vitamins - especially K2 MK4.
    My daughter's skin is like a silk - no moisturizers needed;)
    I am ordering again;)

    Aga on Mar 02, 2017

  • Walkabout Australian Emu Oil 5

    I had been using a different brand of emu oil for over a decade, but after learning how Walkabout Australian Emu oil is produced, I decided to make the switch.

    I can honestly report that after a couple of months of taking Walkabout Australian Emu oil internally, as well as using it externally, the results have been AMAZING! This is a must in every household.

    (Unknown) on Dec 27, 2016