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SuperPure Turmeric Extract from The Synergy Company

60 capsules ~ Serving Size: 1 Capsule Daily ~ Servings per Bottle: 60

What is SuperPure Turmeric from The Synergy Company?

The Synergy Company set out to find the best turmeric possible when they decided to produce a turmeric supplement. SuperPure Turmeric starts out as certified organic turmeric grown without pesticides or fungicides. Then it goes through a triple extraction process that uses zero chemicals or additives of any kind. Their SuperPure process concentrates ALL the valuable compounds in turmeric to their purest and most bioavailable forms. This turmeric supplement formula has all the curcuminoids, as well as the beneficial essential oils, tumerones, and polysaccharides so you experience the whole power of turmeric.

Health Benefits of a Great Organic Turmeric Supplement

  • Encourages a healthy inflammatory response
  • Delivers strong immune system support
  • Promotes healthy joints, bones & skin
  • Supports liver and detox function
  • Helps maintain healthy cells
  • Delivers powerful heart health support
  • Encourages healthy digestion
  • Promotes healthy cognitive function
  • Supports healthy aging and longevity

Why is SuperPure Pure Synergy Turmeric Better?

There are many turmeric supplements out there today, so what does The Synergy company do to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack? Firstly, they always use certified organic turmeric to ensure they start out with the healthiest turmeric possible. The rest of the SuperPure process is also extremely clean and free of chemicals and additives. The Synergy Company set out to bring you tumeric with maximum efficacy, potency and purity – and we think they have nailed it! Unfortunately, many turmeric supplements on the market start out with poor quality turmeric grown with pesticides and fungicides, and then process it with chemical solvents and questionable additives. And then, they strip many of the beneficial compounds needed for optimal health. 

SuperPure Turmeric Extract from The Synergy Company formulated a whole spectrum turmeric supplement with all the valuable compounds, not just the curcuminoids. They made sure to include the often overlooked but very beneficial essential oils, tumerones and polysaccharides. And everything is in a very concentrated extract that is extremely pure and bioavailable. The Synergy Company has devised a way of unlocking all of turmeric's potential and delivering it to you in this SuperPure Turmeric Extract.

Suggested Use and Dosage Instructions for Pure Synergy Turmeric Extract

Recommended serving is 1 Turmeric vegetarian capsule daily, but more may be taken when additional support is needed or desired.

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  • Wonderful Product 5

    My husband used this product for pain and healing in his back. It works wonderfully and he is able to move around and do things again. Thank you!

    Judy on Jun 18, 2018