SuperPure Milk Thistle Extract

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SuperPure Organic Milk Thistle Extract from The Synergy Company

60 capsules ~ Serving Size: 1 Capsule Daily ~ Servings per Bottle: 60

What is SuperPure Milk Thistle from The Synergy Company?

SuperPure Milk Thistle is a concentrated extract from organic milk thistle seeds. Milk thistle seed has been used for thousands of years to protect our livers from undue toxic harm. It works by drawing toxins out of the body that are a root cause of a variety of symptoms and diseases. And it is a powerful antioxidant used to increase immunity and slow down oxidative stress. But, not all milk thistle seeds are created equal. The Synergy Company uses the original European heirloom certified organic milk thistle seeds, the unique variety that has been used in all the prominent clinical research on the subject. The Synergy Company uses their SuperPure extract process which captures the whole spectrum of milk thistle’s most valuable compounds. Unlike most other milk thistle liver cleanse supplements, the Synergy Company DOES NOT use toxic petrochemical solvents and additives that have absolutely no place in our body! You can experience the maximum benefit from this time-honored herb because SuperPure Milk Thistle from the Synergy Company has the perfect ratio and spectrum of all of Milk Thistle’s highly protective compounds.

Health Benefits of a Great Organic Milk Thistle Capsules

  • Protects, nourishes, and supports the liver
  • Supports healthy detoxification
  • Encourages regrowth of your body’s antioxidant stores
  • Offers free radical-busting activity to support healthy aging 
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Has Anti-inflammatory properties 
  • May help lower high cholesterol
  • Has been shown to help control blood sugar and diabetes

Why is Pure Synergy SuperPure Milk Thistle Better?

The goal of The Synergy Company is to create the purest and most potent bioactive extracts. They use an ecologically innovative SuperPure process which never uses the chemical solvents or additives far too commonly employed throughout the rest of the herbal extract and supplement industry. They concentrate the whole spectrum of the active and beneficial compounds inside the milk thistle seeds — not merely one or two aspects – honoring each plant’s inherent “synergy”. This makes their milk thistle liver cleanse supplement much more potent, balanced, and most importantly, effective for you!  

Suggested Use and Dosage Instructions for Pure Synergy Milk Thistle Capsules

Recommended serving is 1 Organic Milk Thistle capsule daily, but more may be taken when additional support is needed or desired. 

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