Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb Multi for Men Multi-Vitamin

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Product Description

Whole-Food Multi-Vitamin For Men Made With Organic Ingredients

120 Tablets ~ Serving Size: 4 Tablets – 2 Tablets Twice Daily ~ Servings per Bottle: 30

What Is Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb For Men?

Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb For Men from The Synergy Company is a comprehensive whole-food vitamin supplement made from pure, organic fruits and vegetables, along with The Synergy Company's powerfully concentrated SuperPure® herbal extract. Vita•Min•Herb For Men was formulated to deeply nourish tissues and organs on a cellular level to give your body vital, foundational support. No matter how old you are, this all-in-one formula will maximize your energy and vitality, while offering targeted support for your brain, heart, digestive and immune systems. It is so much more than just a multi-vitamin! 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Vita•Min•Herb For Men From The Synergy Company?

  • Revitalizing and restorative for a man’s physiology on a deep level
  • Maximizes your ongoing vitality, energy, and virility
  • Encourages optimal athletic performance, endurance, and recovery
  • Fosters a clear, focused mind
  • Targeted support for vital organs and systems
  • Provides essential vitamins, minerals & cofactors in whole food form

Why Choose Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb For Men?

Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb For Men is pure, deep organic nutrition so your body will thrive. The Synergy Company applies the wisdom of nature in the creation of all their supplements. Nature doesn't create isolated vitamins, it creates whole food. It combines multiple nutrients and cofactors in a complex synthesis. Research supports the idea that it is the natural "synergy" of nutrients – not any one individual part – that is the most beneficial for our health. Our bodies know what to do with real, whole food, so the absorption rate is fantastic. Your body knows the difference between isolated and whole food nutrients, so give your body what it deserves, the best.

Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb For Men is certified for the following:

  • SuperPure® Extract Processing
  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Whole Spectrum
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free

Vita•Min•Herb For Men contains over 26 whole food vitamins and minerals that are perfectly balanced and perfectly compatible with your body. Included among them is vegetarian derived Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 from natto, as well as full spectrum vitamins A & E. They also added food form trace minerals because we don't eat rocks. Then they enhanced the bioavailability by adding activating enzymes and probiotics.

And, let's not forget the over 25 organic, SuperPure herbs and extracts. SuperPure is better because The Synergy Company searches the globe for the most potent herbs and then uses them in quantities up to 100x more than other companies. Many multi–vitamin formulas claim to have health-supportive botanicals, but only use small amounts of low quality herbs or extracts just so they can put them on their ingredients list. With Vita•Min•Herb for Men you get highly potent, beneficial amounts of concentrated SuperPure organic herbals. When taken daily, vital nutrients are replenished regularly to help you be truly well from the inside out.

Dosage Instructions for Pure Synergy Vita•Min•Herb For Men by The Synergy Company

The suggested use for Vita•Min•Herb For Men is to take two tablets twice daily with or without food.


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