Front view of a bottle of Prescript-Assist broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic blend.


  • Product Description

    Doctor Recommended Probiotic - Prebiotic Blend

    620mg per capsule, available in bottles of 60 or 90 capsules ~ 1 or 2 capsules per serving

    New look!

    Safer Medical of Montana, the manufacturer of Prescript-Assist, brought the marketing and distribution back in house. In the process of this they changed the packaging. We will now get our Prescript-Assist from the manufacturer again, and are carrying 90 count bottles with the new look. We still have some of the old packaging in 60 count bottles. 

    What Is Prescript-Assist?

    Prescript-Assist is a powerful blend of probiotics and prebiotics with 28 multiple strains of soil-based microorganisms in each 620 mg capsule. This broad spectrum probiotic is recommended for a variety of digestive concerns and other gastrointestinal diseases.

    The gold standard for a soil based probiotic.

    Prescript-Assist can help:

    Picture of a bottle of Prescript-Assist Probiotics with the words "Eat Dirt? Absolutely." across the top and garden tools on either side to look like a fork and spoon.

    • Keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy
    • Restore healthy microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract
    • Ease abdominal discomfort, nausea, and indigestion
    • Regulate bowel patterns
    • Decrease bloating and flatulence
    • Promote overall health

    Why is Prescript-Assist the best probiotic?

    Prescript-Assist is a probiotic/prebiotic blend that does not break down in the stomach acid, which allows it to reach its intended target destination, were it becomes active and multiplies. Recent testing (2017) shows there to be 2 billion CFUs per 620 mg capsule. This may seem low if you are comparing it to the CFU's in lacto- and bifido- based probiotic products. But that is like comparing apples to oranges. Not all probiotics are created equal and traditional probiotics, the lacto- and bifido- based ones, start out with many billions of CFUs. this may seem better, but there are massive losses, sometimes over 99%, during manufacturing, storage, and in the stomach from acid degradation. Soil-based organisms are extremely shelf-stable – tests show Prescript Assist to have variations of 0% over 2 years from date of manufacture when stored at 98° F. What's more, soil-based probiotics live through stomach acid to get into the intestines. In essence, you don't need nearly as many CFUs because so many live through manufacturing, storage and our bodies stomach acid. this makes them so much better than traditional probiotics 

    Prescript-Assist is gluten free, soy free, dairy free and yeast free. 

    Probiotics vs Prebiotics 

    Probiotics are bacteria and yeast found naturally occurring in the human gut. Modern medicine has embraced supplementing with probiotics for the treatment of many digestive disorders and GI illnesses. Doctors often recommend probiotics like Prescript-Assist to boost the immune system and maintain optimum health. 

    Prebiotics increase the number and the activity level of the beneficial microorganisms already established in the gut. Different prebiotics affect different microorganisms. 

    Prescript-Assist Shelf Life: 

    Prescript-Assist capsules retain at least 95% of their potency two years after their date of manufacture. Refrigeration is not required. 

    Prescript-Assist Dosage Instructions: 

    Take 1-2 620 mg capsules per day. Prescript-Assist can be taken alone or with food. The capsules can be opened and put in food for young children or pets.

    Learn more about probiotics and Prescript-Assist here.


  • Other Details

    Size: Choose from 60 Capsules or 90 Capsules
    Serving Size: 1 or 2 capsules
    Servings per Container: 30 to 60 or 45 to 90 (depending on bottle size)
    Amount per Serving: Proprietary Blend 620mg or 1240mg (See pictures of product for detailed information)
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    1. Awesome gut fix

      First of all at age 68 I’m no spring chicken. So I look for natural things to be my best. After several types of antibiotics from three different infections I needed some help. My body is not used to taking medications and it let me know what. This awesome product brought my system back into check. After the first couple days I was starting to feel better than I had in a long time. I feel like I was getting things not only back to normal but better than they had ever been. I love this product. Even though I am on a fixed income with just Social Security income and it is a bit expensive for me I’m going to make it possible so that I will not be without it. I just feel overall healthier and have more of a get up and go feeling. on

    2. Probiotic Pills

      I have just started taking the probiotic pills and they seem to be working. I am glad that you have a product that can contribute to a healthy gut. My sister had recommended your company as she is your customer. I have also ordered an extra bottle for my friend to try too.
      I was happy to see that you try to satisfy customers request for delivery specification to which location to place my package in a safe area.

    3. One of the best

      PrescriptAssist contains as many quality prebiotics and probiotics of anything out on the market. They have the added convenience/advantage of being quite shelf-stable. It has done great things for my digestion and my immune system. This product seems to keep the "bad bugs" in check. on

    4. Excellent product!

      I have used Prescript-Assist for several years. Unlike many other similar products, I never have a reaction to this one because it is so pure. And it makes a difference in my digestion and elimination. With Lyme and leaky gut, I find that this product gives me a better chance to heal. on

    5. Prescript-Assist

      Excellent product! Have been using it for several years. Very good to build healthy flora in the intestines. Very pure. I am often unable to use products because of their additives, but this one is great. Good for GAPS diet patients. on

    6. Really Made a Difference

      This product is one of the best probiotics on the market. Functional Medicine Practitioner, Chris Kresser, recommended it and it is the probiotic he prescribes to several of his patients. It's been very effective for my elimination problems. I don't want to be without. I also love how you don't have to refrigerate it. It's very stable under severe conditions of heat/cold. on

    7. Great product!

      I'm taking this based on Dr. Carolyn Dean's recommendation as the best probiotic out there. I have had no ill effects whatsoever, and believe it is helping round out the Completement Formula from Dr. Dean. Also, great customer service! on

    8. Best probiotic I've ever taken!

      I'm in my sixties and have taken many different brands and types of probiotics over the years. This is the only one I've ever taken that has had a significant, supportive effect. I notice a difference within 24-36 hours after taking it. on



    10. Great Option for Gut Health

      I've been taking this probiotic, Prescript Assist, for a full year now. It has healed my leaky gut issues, and resolved most of my bowel issues. I take one a day at the advice of my functional medicine doctor. I like that it doesn't have to be refrigerated, thus travels well. on