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Organic 3 GutZyme ~ Digestive Enzyme Supplement

120 Capsules ~ 2 caps per serving ~ 60 servings per bottle

What is GutZyme and Who Needs It?

GutZyme is a digestive supplement containing a potent blend of plant/microbial-based enzymes. This full-spectrum enzyme blend helps maintain maximal support of intestinal functioning, and helps those with sufficient HCI levels who want to maximize their absorption of proteins, fats, minerals and other nutrients.

GutZyme contains all the same enzymes as GutZyme HCI, as well as additional enzymes to aid in the digestion of beans and carbohydrates. However, unlike GutZyme HCI, GutZyme does not contain HCI (hydrochloric acid) or Pepsin.

Which Organic Digestive Enzymes do both GutZyme formulas contain?

  • Three types of Lipase ~ Maximize the absorption of healthy fats and oils
  • Phytase ~ Increases mineral absorption and bioavailability
  • Protease ~ Aids in proper digestion of protein
  • Amylase ~ Breaks down starchy foods
  • Lactase ~ Helps digest milk sugar

GutZyme’s Additional Enzymes:

  • Alpha-Galactosidase ~ Helps break down oligosaccharides and polysaccharides which are found in food that is typically more difficult to digest such as peanuts, lentils, beans, and cruciferous vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower
  • Beta-Glucanase ~ Group of carbohydrate enzymes that breaks down glycosidic bonds within beta-glucan
  • Glucoamylase ~ Helps break down starch that naturally occurs in most vegetables
  • Invertase ~ Carbohydrate-digesting enzyme that splits sucrose (table sugar) into its component parts, fructose and glucose
  • Maltase ~ Breaks down the disaccharide maltose into two glucose molecules making it more easily oxidized by the body for energy

What are the benefits of GutZyme:

GutZyme's blend of digestive enzymes has multiple benefits, most notable are it helps with digestion of proteins and promotes absorption of proteins and minerals, helping our body get more out of the food we eat. One other thing to note about the GutZyme is the capsules can be opened and the contents poured into or onto food or directly into the mouth for consumption. So, if you have problems swallowing capsules, then this is the digestive enzyme for you.

Which GutZyme should you take?

GutZyme is recommended for people with adequate levels of HCI or for people who consume a lot of legumes or cruciferous vegetables that are hard to digest. Also, if you have trouble swallowing pills, then this is the GutZyme for you. GutZyme HCI is recommended for people who need extra HCI in their diet and for people following a GAPS or Paleo diet or any diet that restricts carbohydrate consumption. 

Organic 3 GutZyme Ingredients:

Comprehensive Enzyme Blend (600 mg) with the following minimum enzyme activity:

 Enzymes Specifically for Carbohydrates 

  • Amylase 15,000 DU*
  • Glucoamylase 30 AGU*

Enzymes Specifically for Sugar

  • Invertase 135 SU*
  • Lactase 1,500 ALU*
  • Maltase 200 DP*

Enzymes Specifically for Vegetables/Plants 

  • Alpha-Galactosidase 300 GaIU*
  • Beta-Glucanase 20 BGU*
  • Phytase 10 FTU*

Enzymes Specifically for Proteins and Peptides 

  • Protease Peptidase Complex 40,000 HUT* with exopeptidase and DPP-IV activity

Enzymes Specifically for Fat 

  • Lipase 1,000 FIP*

*Daily Value not established

Suggested Use for Gutzyme:

Take two capsules with each meal or as directed by a physician.

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  • Works great 5

    I take these often to digest extra carbohydrates or dairy and they really help.

    (Unknown) on Jul 19, 2018