“What Supplements Do I Need to Stay Longer on a Ketogenic Diet
and to Get Better Results?

The Ketogenic Diet for the Faint of Heart

  • The American Indians in the 1800’s, and before, would be rolling their eyes on why a ketogenic diet is a big deal, because many tribes ate like this for centuries.
  • Helps scary brain issues due to increased brain energy production.
  • Keto’ers share their tips, supplements, and add-ons.
  • Does not guarantee a lot of weight loss. (A MUST READ RIGHT HERE!) 

Picture of food that is recommended for a Keto Diet.“Can you explain to me, one more time, what in the heck is a “ketogenic diet’?”

In a nutshell, it is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Because there are not enough carbs to burn in the body for energy, the body burns fat. An acid called “ketone bodies” burns the fat.

The “keto” in a ketogenic diet comes from the fact that it makes the body produce ketones.

Simple enough, right?

Are you ready to learn a bit more about this so you can stay on it longer and maximize the dickens out of it for your health goals?

Let’s do this!

The ketosis diet is the cat’s meow right now. At the date of this publishing, we did a Google search on “ketogenic diet” and roughly 12 million searches popped up. Whoa.

Type in “Mediterranean diet,” and a lowly 8,400,000 makes an appearance. Eh.

Every Tom, Dick and Kerrie who wants “a better way” has heard of it. Some thinks it’s the answer for diet, brain health, and – well, just overall health.

While others, on the other hand, thinks it’s the cat’s litter box. They think it is unhealthy, and dangerous.

Unhealthy? Dangerous? Really?

Think about this: many (not all) Indian tribes in the 19th century, and before then, ate like this. Many people in Greece, Southern Italy and Spain eat a very low-carb Mediterranean diet.

‘nuff said?

No? Then read this: 10 Myth Busting Arguments for the Safety of Ketosis 

Now let’s move on to the good stuff:

Picture of a bowl of supplement capsules with some flowers and  herbs next to it.Using supplements and add-ons to help you stay longer on a Keto Diet and to get better results.


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First off, a ketogenic diet isn't perfect for everyone.

For example:
Those who think more (students) and weight lifters need more carbs, because carbs burn faster and are more readily available than fats.

You may have heard the term, “Hit the wall.” If you are a marathon runner, you have. It’s a loss of energy throughout your body that feels like you hit a wall.

Have you ever put your brain in overdrive for hours on end? Got “mentally drained,” right?

But even those folks may be able to be on such a diet. They can increase their carbs just enough to give them the fuel, while staying in keto.

A Keto Diet Does Not Guarantee a Lot of Weight Loss of Fat

Cutting out the bread, beans, potatoes, etc . . . and you would think otherwise. But it’s a fat misconception (excuse the pun).

Eggs, butter, oils, beef (especially the 85% lean) are high in calories.

This is not to say that you can’t lose weight. You can! You just can’t go hog wild just because you cut out carbs.

To a point, you still have to watch what you eat (but not all that much), in addition to curbing your appetite.

In a bit, we’ll show you how to curb your appetite. It’s pretty easy once you get going.

"Okay, that all sounds good, but how many grams of carbs do I need to be on to be in keto, what can I eat and not eat – and what supplements can I take?"

Everyone is different. To stay in ketosis, the range of carbs can be 20 on up to 80+.
Go to a pharmacy and ask for a “keto stick,” or “keto strip.” This measures how many ketones are in your body, thus telling you if you are in ketosis.

What to eat and not eat? Let’s keep this simple: You can eat anything you want as long as the carbs are low enough to keep you in ketosis – AND YOU HAVE A HEALTHY DIET!

Nothing complicated here. Still need more? Check out this blog we posted which goes into more depth about what foods to eat and avoid on a keto diet.

If You Can’t Get All of Your Nutrients for a Healthy Diet???

Most of you can pretty much get all of your nutrients when on a ketogenic diet. But for those of you who can’t, or are in doubt…

go over to our Keto Korner where you can look at our Keto Diet supplements and add-ons.

We carry only the products that many keto’ers swear by that have helped them stay on the diet longer, and to get better results from it.

Check out the filling organic coconut oil. Yum! It also helps curb your appetite.

To help you stay on this diet longer, and to get more bang for your buck, consider adding any combination of the following to your diet: 

best-coconut-oil-supplements.jpgCoconut Oil

Full of fat to fill you up. Full of MCTs to help you stay in ketosis. Full of antioxidants for your heart, brain, and joints. Full of taste to satisfy your taste buds. Try these organic virgin and extra virgin coconut oil supplements:

Perfect Coconut Oil
Perfect Coconut Oil Softgels
Green Pasture Blue Breeze Coconut Oil


Extra-strong B and C vitaminslow-carb-keto-diet.jpg

Whole grains and fruit are high in B and C vitamins, but also high in carbs. Some B-vitamins are present in red meat, but not all. Supplementing these vitamins has additional therapeutic benefits. For example, helping to reduce fatigue and increase energy-yielding metabolism.

Just double the RDA amount. Anything more, and you’ll just pee the excess out.

Unless you are the strange kind of soul who likes to pee in a shade of Tang orange.

whole-food-vitamin-c-supplements.jpgRemember: Vitamins from real food is much better for your body than synthetic vitamin C. Avoid ascorbic acid and check out these vitmain C supplements from real fruit and berries.

Catie's Whole Plant Food Vitamin C Plus
Pure Radiance C Powder or Capsules

Check out these B-Complex vitamins – also from real vegetables and fruits!

Catie's Whole Plant Food B-Complex
Pure Synergy Super B-Complex
Garden of Life My Kind Organics B Complex

Electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesiumPicture of three different kinds of salt on a black slate.

You need to drink lots of water on a low-carb diet, to assist your kidneys. You will most likely feel extra-thirsty anyway. There is just one issue with drinking lots. It flushes out a lot of essential minerals and electrolytes from your system. Depleted electrolytes can result in muscle cramps and headaches.

Some good Himalayan sea salts have both the sodium and magnesium. Try adding Natural Vitality Natural Calm to your diet to get the added magnesium you need on a Keto diet.


Chromium plays a role in regulating glucose, insulin and lipids. Studies indicate that it can reduce hunger and sugar cravings. For this reason, chromium picolinate is a popular supplement amongst keto’ers.

Picture of a cup of green tea with dried tleaves on a wooden spoon.Green Tea

Green tea has a strong reputation as a diet aid. Research shows that it helps to control blood sugar, boost fat-burning metabolism, improve energy levels and reduce sugar cravings. It is also one strong antioxidant! These are all very helpful for anyone following a low-carb diet. 

Capsicum, Piperine, Bioperine

Another popular group of supplements and add-ons are spice extracts from the pepper family. Benefits may include improved digestive health, better fat metabolism and a boost in the energy department. These are especially highly recommended because they also improve absorption rate of other nutrients! For example, many turmeric supplements, also highly recommended by keto'ers, have black pepper in them to help with absorption. Black Pepper is a natural source of piperine. Check out Global Healing Center's Turmeric Liquid Supplement With Black Pepper

For more check out Keto Korner

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