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The Most Advanced Digestive Enzyme Supplement

120 Vegetarian Caps ~ Serving Size: 2 Capsules ~ Servings per Container: 60

You Should Feel Good Inside and Out!

Veganzyme is a dairy-free multi-enzyme supplement that promotes healthy nutrient absorption and acts as a digestive cleanse for food allergy sufferers and people on a plant-based diet. As we age, the amount of natural enzymes produced by our digestive systems are greatly reduced. Without these natural enzymes to help break down food and absorb nutrients, oxidation and inflammation can occur within the body's organ systems.

Gobal Healing Center's VeganZyme is specifically formulated to meet the needs of food allergy sufferers, vegans, vegetarians, and patients with gastrointestinal difficulties. With a broad spectrum of vegan-safe and kosher-certified ingredients, VeganZyme helps the body to effectively break down food and absorb nutrients. VeganZyme multi-enzyme supplement has a host of other health benefits, including maintaining healthy blood pressure, reducing bloating and gas, and cleansing the digestive track of excess clotting.

VeganZyme Benefits:

  • May support healthy joint function and a healthy inflammatory response
  • Indicated via reviews to have a great potential for use by food allergy patients suffering from bloat and slow digestion, especially after an accidental exposure to an allergen
  • Provides systemic support for wound healing
  • Assists in the removal of candida and other types of yeast and fungus in the digestive tract, potentially increasing the effectiveness of other supplements used to combat overgrowth
  • May help to thin mucus in lungs and sinus passages
  • Supports peristalsis (intestinal contractions) by reducing viscosity of the fibers in some plant-based food
  • Increases mineral availability by breaking down phytic acid from plants, grains, and seeds
  • Helps reduce harmful by-products of normal metabolic processes

VeganZyme Multi-Enzyme Supplement Facts:

VeganZyme® (Proprietary Blend)

Protease with DPPIV (FCC 60,000 HUT/g)

Amylase (FCC 22,500DU/g)

Glucoamylase (FCC 20 AGU/g)

Lactase (FCC 1500 ALU/g)

Cellulase I and II (FCC 625 CU/g)

Maltase (FCC 50 DPo/g)

Hemicellulase (FCC 1000 HCU/g)

Xylanase (FCC 50 XU/g)

Beta Glucanase (FCC 50 BGU/g)

Serrapeptase (10,000 SU/g)

Nattokinase (800 FU/g)

Bromelain (FCC 375,000 PU/mg)

Papain (FCC 200,000 PU/mg)

Alpha Galactosidase (FCC 250 GalU/g)

Lipase (FCC 675LU/g)

Catalase (FCC 25 BU Baker Unit/g)

Invertase (FCC 1000 SU/g)

Pectinase (FCC 2500AJDU/g)

Phytase (FCC 15 FTU/g)

Glucose Oxidase (200GO/g)

Vegetarian capsule

Certified organic gum acacia

*FCC stands for Foods Chemical Codex. FCC is a division of USP (United States Pharmacopeia). It sets standards for ingredients. In the case of enzymes, FCC is a standard assay used to accurately determine the activity of enzymes.

VeganZyme Ingredients are 100% vegan, gluten-free, kosher-certified, GMO-free & made in the USA!

VeganZyme Dosage Instructions:

Take 2 capsule twice daily.

Other Details

120 Vegetarian Capsules
Serving Size:
2 Capsules
Servings per Container:
Amount per Serving:
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